Rebranding The Toronto Storytelling Festival

The Toronto Storytelling Festival

Type: Communication Design, Rebranding

Type: Communication Design, Rebranding

Role: Research, Typesetting, Prototyping, Illustrations

Role: Research, Conceptualizing, Illustrations, Prototyping Typesetting

Timeframe: Jan 2019 - April 2019

Timeframe: Jan 2019 -April 2019

Tools Used: Illustrator, InDesign, AfterEffects, Photoshop

Tools Used: Illustrator, InDesign, AfterEffects, Photoshop

The Toronto Storytelling Festival: Celebrating the Art of Oral Storytelling.

The Pls&Thx App: bringing students together in times of need. 

The Toronto Storytelling Festival is Toronto's second oldest arts festival (right after TIFF). Run by the non-profit organization, Storytelling Toronto, this 20-day festival celebrates the diversity of Toronto through the longlived art of oral storytelling. As many as 90 events are held during this festival, at more than 25 different venues across the city. Attendees are typically families with young children, as well as the elderly.  

For this project, the design challenge was to rebrand the Toronto Storytelling Festival in a way that would increase the attendance rate for a missing demographic in the audiences: young adults. The intentions for this design was to create a fun, playful, and dynamic branding system for the Storytelling Festival, that represents the art of oral storytelling and the diversity of the event itself.

University life is difficult. Students have multiple priorities, have personal lives to deal with, and are usually low on cash. With many things on our to-do lists, most of us can go further without having to do the little things, like waiting in line at the bookstore or having to do a massive project all by ourselves. Thus, between four curious and talented design students, a how-might-we question was born.

The Approach

At the end of the inital stages of development, I created a 20x30 poster which represents the Toronto Storytelling Festival in a very fun and dynamic way. The two heads represent the act of storytelling, where one is the teller and the other is the listener. To tackle the representation of multiculturalism, I decided to use a bright colour scheme, which further supports the intention to attract a young audience. This illustration comes after being inspired by the symbolic representation of storytelling: two cans and a string. 


The Festival Program

The festival program is a key component to the Storytelling Festival, as it contains all of the descriptions of the events that people can attend, as well as where they are hosted. In order to create a bilingual program, I decided to create a modified version of do-si-do binding. Doing this allowed me to put a large amount of information into the program, without crowding or comprimising the layouts of the pages. Each page is carefully layed out in a way that allows for easy reading, and in a way that carries out the fun of the visual branding. 

Event Tickets

The initial promotional product the branding was applied to was event tickets. I created 3 different tickets in total, each with a different purpose. The dark blue ticket indicates evening shows that Storytelling Toronto produces, while the light orange represents the afternoon shows. The colourful ticket is intended for the Storyfire events, where the storyteller's themselves produce their shows independently. All tickets are double-sided, for the purpose of presenting the information bilingually, in english and french.

Environmental Marker

After the tickets came the environmental marker. This banner would ideally be placed outside an event venue during the twenty day festival. Since this festival has many venues, it's important that these banners indicate which venue number the location is. 

iPhone X PSD Mockup 01

´╗┐Web and Mobile Splash Pages

To take the branding a step further, I created two versions of how the festival might be branded digitally. I wanted to make fun animations to enhance the dynamics of the imagery, so I used Adobe AfterEffects to do so. These splash pages would appear when opening the festival website.

stickers [Recovered]-01
stf tshirt

Additional Promotional Items

Some additional items I've created for this festival include a set of stickers, a t-shirt for volunteers, and a few buttons. After all, the Toronto Storytelling Festival is a very fun-filled event!

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